1st Annual Now or Never Indie Tour Kicks Off In March

The 1st annual Now or Never Indie Tour will be soon open its doors as it invites hip-hop lovers into an intimate concert series with underground and brimming mainstream acts. The tour features Teambackpack affiliates Flawless RI and Passionate MC, Pentagon Records’ R-Mean, Stevie Dub, Young Kasper and Halow, along with hip-hop’s greatest legends. 18 showcases across the country are lined up, which will include SXSW. Seeking to bridge the gap between underground and mainstream hip-hop, the tour will release a series of mini-movies documenting the journey of an independent artist on the road, inspired by Jay Z’s “Hard Knock Life Tour” and his classic “Backstage” documentary.

Filmed by Redeye Movies and sponsored by BREAL.TV, Skydiver’s Club, The Liquor Cabinet Radio, SupaCali, Sanguine PR and “Ready Set Impact,” a global multi-media firm, the tour officially kicks off in Los Angeles on March 10th. The series, documentary and soundtrack will give viewers a peek into the lives of 5 respected headlining hip-hop artists, some extremely successful while others are on the brink of mainstream success with or without a label, and will inspire a much needed dialogue on what it means to be hip hop.

To purchase tickets, click here; check out the dates down below:

Northridge, CA – March 10 at Collective Lifestyle (Meet & Greet 12 pm to 2 pm)

San Francisco, CA – March 11

Sacramento, CA – March 12 at Sol Collective

Portland, OR – March 13 at Analog Cafe & Theater

Seattle, WA – March 15 at Nectar Lounge

Austin, TX – ­ March 16, 17, 18 & 19 at Bat Bar; GRYNDFEST Showcase

Houston, TX ­– March 20

Dallas, TX –­ March 21

Denver, CO –­ March 23 & 26

Flagstaff, AZ – ­ March 27

Phoenix, AZ –­ March 28

Los Angeles, CA – March 29