Black Maybe: Not Another Person of Color

Racism Still Alive They Just Be Concealing It

November 4, 2016 the nation came to a halt. The number one candidate that was to be the successor of a historic legacy, fell to the tyrannical claws of oppression… or what most perceived as oppression. Since that dreadful night, riots and protest have risen throughout gay and ethnic communities because most wonder what the future will hold. So unsure if they can remain in their homes, so afraid to go outside, shaken with the fact that they may never see their families again.  Swiftly taken to a foreign land where they have no knowledge of the people or culture.

It is Us vs Them, it is People of Color vs Oppression, it is… wait? People of Color? The new term that is used to group Asian American, Latino American, Pacific Islanders all in the same pool as Black Americans is not only an insult to the deterioration of Black  Americas culture but an avoidance of finally talking about the systematic genocide of Black America

It Ain’t Hard To Tell!

According to, Black Americans make up about 6.5% of California’s Population while the Bureau of Justice states 29% of black males are incarcerated along with 28% of black females. Furthermore the Bureau of Labor Statistics report of 2015 list the unemployment rate for Black Americans in California is 11.6%. Without getting too crazy with math jargon, let’s spell out the numbers. Black America is the smallest demographic in the liberal state of California but the highest in both prisons and being jobless. I guess the NBA needs to hire more.

A third of the Black population in California is in jail while 11.6% of what’s on the outside is still being left on the outside. For the ill plagued city of Chicago, Black Americans make up 32% of the population, yet,  25% of Black Americans are unemployed. The Illinois Time of February 4, 2016 reports that 60% of Black Americans make up the state prison system despite only being 15% of the state’s population. The Economic Policy Institute of Chicago, annual report of 2015, states it has the highest unemployment rate for Blacks, in the nation, at 15%. They should have just gave us small pox blankets, at least we’re outside eating turkey.

Don’t Be Mad UPS Is Hiring

The Gap in disparity is not a people of color issue, primarily,  because the other colored people are doing just fine. Well maybe that’s a stretch this is America so no one, outside white, is doing just fine. Still, other races are better off as a collective than Black Americans. According to the Economic Policy Institute report of 2016,  the California unemployment of whites is 4.3%, hispanic 6.8%, and Asian 3.9%. The rates of all three races in California  totals out to the rate of blacks in Chicago and is only 3.4%  more then black unemployment in California.

So why such a high number of unemployment? Urban schools are under funded but education can’t be the case for all job services, with all due respect, to the  labor, fast food or retail industries. Well for starters, jobs silently refuse to higher Black Americans let alone allow them to shop in their stores. The retail giant, Macy’s, has been linked to numerous accounts of discriminatory treatment towards Black Americans. As reported by the Huffington Post, in 2005, the holiday juggernaut had to pay the state of New York $600,000 for not only racially profiling black shoppers but unlawfully detaining and handcuffing the victims. In 2013, Macy’s was once again accused of racial discrimination, this time, by actor Robert Brown, who was not only stopped but was detained for an hour; without being charge. Macy’s.. more like.. Racy’s (mic drop).

I Used To Love H.E.R.

There’s no way we can sustain as a race with these overwhelming situations. We must find a way to  inspire a united push towards a brighter future. Over the years, Hip Hop has managed to surpass the fandom of other music genre with no signs of slowing down. According to Digital Music News of April 7,2016, Hip Hop is the second most streamed genre in the world, which regulates the tone for fashion, slang and dances for pop culture. Hip Hop concerts have replaced soap box speeches in the black community and it is important to have artists that speak on social issues. If Malcom X had a Metro beat, he could have been Chuck D and Mohammad Ali Flavor Flav talk about Public Enemy  Brother Ali  don’t trust you I’m have to shoot you. Boomies! I’m on fire today 

Billboard of June 28, 2005 quoted Will Smith stating “The kids that are making these trends, making these songs, don’t understand the level of effect that black Americans have around the world,” he says. “… Black Americans are so elevated, it’s almost worship.” and the getting Jiggy man has a point. Rappers of past have always claimed that they are not role models they are entertainers which to an extent is fair but Adidas isn’t sponsoring rap artist because they love their music. It is the ability of rap music to influence its listeners to the point they can tell their fans what to buy. Malt Liquor companies like Pabst’s Olde English, Anheuser Busch’s King Cobra, and G. Heileman’s Colt .45  have all rushed for  a slice of yellow cake.

It’s unfair to place a big responsibility on a genre of music but Hip Hop is so influential that commercials are spliced with top hip hop songs. Nelly’s Hot in Here for Bud Light Limeritas, Future’s vocals for  Jumpman on Beat1 ads, even the classic, Slam, by Onyx can be heard for Gatorade. Trap music, Drill music, Gangster music , whatever you want to call it, it needs to go or be revised. I understand the importance to express the injustice and economic struggles faced and the strategic ways we combat those obstacles but if the main message is only perpetuating stereotypes, why bother?

So What, So What, So What’s, the Scenario

Donald Trump is President of the United States, I repeat, Donald…Trump…is President… of the United States. Long before he gained control of the country, with his beady baby hands, there was already a silent war being raged against a group of people. The honest answer for salvation is: We’re f_ _k_d!. Seriously, the black community has to take a more engaging role in politics, science and education.

Their needs to be a generational shift to become bankers that grant business loans,  scientist that innovate renewable energy,  doctors that heal, while restoring the morals of obtaining a higher education. We must support our own business and products to strengthen the communities infrastructure. That got preachy really quick.

The politically correct term  “People of Color” is insulting because it only sidelines the discussion about Black people being politically wronged. All lives do matter but can All lives recognize Black America has been scorned by social inequalities that continue to wither our numbers.