Bone Thugs Hit Houston!

On the same night as J. Cole’s tour stop in Houston, Bone Thugs took the stage at the House of Blues, which is literally up the street. Before arriving I wondered would there be many people; boy was I wrong to doubt legends! The house was packed wall to wall with legendary Bone fans! Coming out 1 by 1, performing with the cadence and style that many others could never touch, Bone put on a show covering songs with both Eazy and Biggie; something I can’t think of any other artists actually accomplishing!

The Cleveland boys leave you locked in when they get into their zone rhyming at a pace most emcees wouldn’t even attempt; and the flow is on point every single time, even 20 years later! Hip Hop is relatively new among other genres but groups like Bone Thugs who have been around for decades are showing that there is longevity in rap when you have hits and create a style that will ALWAYS put on a show! – Devmatic