#BossTalk Gary Vaynerchuk & Nipsey Hussle Talk Hip Hop, Culture & Business

Hacking Culture & Creating Brand Awareness

Gary Vay heads to the studio to meet with LA emcee Nipsey Hussle for a boss talk discussion. During the visit the two moguls talk marketing, brands, technology & more. They also emphasize the art of hacking & how important it is to the hustle. And of course, with Gary, there are other gems dropped during the conversation as well. Watch below.

Hip Hop rules the world.

Gary: “I’m so pumped that you guys are finally getting to see this! It was also in episode 278 of DailyVee, but now you guys actually get to see the full thing. Love this meeting that I got to have with Nipsey Hussle back in LA – I hope you guys are listening and find some value in this.”