DJ Carisma & JR Castro Introduce #SongsYouWereMadeTo

R&B lovers, this one is for you.

R&B singer JR Castro is like a lot of us. He stills bumps hit R&B jams that we’ve grown up on and have come to love. But while listening to the steamy jams have you ever stopped to think–Was I made to this song? Well, perhaps you were. So in light of this thought and of course his love for R&B, JR Castro linked up with the beautiful DJ Carisma, music slangers The Audibles and big dog Timbaland to bring R&B lovers #SongsYouWereMadeTo. #SongsYouWereMadeTo is JR’s way of paying homage to the greats that came before him. Every Monday the trio will drop one of six of the mixtape’s tracks and today we get the first offering, which is JR covering Ready For The World’s hit “Love You Down.” JR posted a message for fans about his new project along with drop dates for each track on his Instagram, which can be found below. This is sure to be an audible delight indeed. Enjoy.