All Eyez On Me: ‘2Pacalypse Now’ (Behind The Scenes) (Video)

The biopic all Tupac fans have been waiting for is finally here. Home Grown Radio is counting down the days with a series of special content leading up to its release on June 16th.

Shakur released his debut album in the year of 1997 via Interscope Records. And his estate took to get the LP re-released and pressed onto limited edition vinyl and cassette tapes to celebrate its 25th year anniversary.

“Hearing 2Pacalypse for the first time, on a vinyl, you’d probably feel a great sense of closeness to the artist, in a way that you’d never have felt before,” said Adam Webb of Record Tech Incorporated. “You’d definitely get a sense of the emotion he had, and maybe what he was thinking about, or what he was going through at the time.”

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