Jimmy Wopo Comes Out With A New Mixtape “Back Against The Wall”

The Pittsburgh native just released his latest mixtape, “Back Against the Wall” last night! The rapper wrote the entire mixtape during his time in prison. Fans can stream the song through Spotify or download it on iTunes.

Along with his new mixtape, Jimmy released a music video, “Wake up” directed CatchRecMedia.

Check out the track list and music video below!

Jimmy Wopo’s Back Against the Wall Tracklist

1. “Intro (Free Slumlord Freestyle)”
2. “Back Against the Wall”
3. “First Day Out”
4. “Boss of Bosses”
5. “Criminal Mind”
6. “Wake Up”
7. “Booby Trap” Feat. Kizzl
8. “Lil Heavy”
9. “I Told Ya”
10. “King of the Burg”
11. “They Want”
12. “Bout Jimmy”
13. “All Us” Feat. Hard
14. “My Boys”