The Liquor Cabinet Radio: KXNG Crooked, UFO (Unique Fly Outsiders) & FT HopOut

Surprise Interview with WestCoast Legend KXNG Crooked of Slaughterhouse! After dropping knowledge for striving artists, he talks about new his new app and drops 40+ bars for The Liquor Krew!

New Duo UFO (Unique Fly Outsiders) talk about new mixtape “Just Wanna Be Heard” hosted by DJ Carisma & SprewellDidIt.

Then we had FT HopOut who drops off new single “I’m From Fruits” before having to turn himself in. The 19 year old Compton native talks gang affiliations and how he translates it through his music in a positive way.

#ShitThatHappenedThisWeek gets into Kendrick’s surprise project, new OJ news, Conor McGregor’s loss and more!

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