The Liquor Cabinet Radio: Rone x Ru

TLCR Episode 48 @iknowru

This week on TLCR, we are visited by two multi-talented artists, Rone and Ru.  Rone is a Songwriter, Musician and a Producer who’s talents have been recognized by a number of notable people in the industry.  Tune in now to find out who!!! Ru is a new artists/engineer with a military background who has  message in music that is quite refreshing.  Tune in now to hear about his mission to be a Role Model.  Who gets Slapped this week? Lots of #ShitHappenedThisWeek!! #FayTayFemaleShit  is a good question for the fellas. Tune in now for the Real and the Funny!! Always on TLCR!!

TLCR Episode 48 @WhoIsRone