Better Ask Bout Boogie

Since entering the rap game in 2014, Boogie, the Compton native,  has been slowly cementing his signature with his impassioned compositions on gang life, relationships and father hood. At first listen, it is easy to make an instant comparison to Chance the Rapper, but as his resume builds there is no mistake that Boogie is in a class of his own. If  you’re not familiar with his sound then you’ve been living under a rock and you need to get wifi.

Born Anthony Dixson in Compton,CA  and raised by his mother, Boogie’s origins are as cliched as most urban rappers but the finishing product is far more original. Boogie is a former blood gang member but instead of glorifying nefarious acts coupled by thunderous bass, he paints a picture of remorse, redemption, and rise in the joining of R&B, soul and gospel hymns.

Don’t get it twisted, Boogie still provides classic turnt up vibes with energetic anthems 2015’s “Oh My“, which has garnered over a million views on Youtube, and   “No Way” off his recently released mixtape,Thirst 48 Part II. In an industry where toughness is the primary visual, Boogie provides insight into the Los Angeles gang lifestyle. Songs like Further and First Evergreen, warn youths about the danger of finding the gangster image appealing. 

Without sounding preachy, Boogie’s lyrics shine light on the sensitive aspects of life, like relationships and fatherhood. The latter being a significant driving force for his success. In a March 30, 2016 interview with, Boogie reveals the moment he knew “Oh My” was a success: “I was in my bedroom with my kid and I started humming the melody—and he just started dancing to it. That was when I knew it was going to be a hit. I saw him dancing, and I recorded to it.”

Boogie not only has a strong connection with son but, his son’s mother where in but also cherishes the moments they had.Boogie’s vocal range is unique as it shift through out  various tempos. He shows off  his range as he floats alongside singer Dana Williams on the acoustic duet “Sunroof” and  the soulful chorus of “Fall Before The Climb” both off Thirst 48 Part II.

The Compton rapper is redefining the image of a West Coast artist,by not just placing deep thought behind his lyrics but  title as well. In a 2014 interview with, Boogie revealed the meaning behind Thirst 48 “Well it started with my first real video that I did about ten months ago called “Numb.” That’s basically when I was at a stage in my life where I was not feeling a lot of people priorities and the thirstiness on Instagram, and I’m not a bitter dude but sometimes it got real annoying so I made a song about it. I basically started building off that concept, me and my manager talked about, ‘cause daily it’s still thirsty shit going on, whether it’s a dude thirsty for some street credibility, whether it’s me being thirsty, I figured I’d display it”.

Boogie’s vocal innovations and conceptual artwork could be the driving force to becoming one of 2017 breakthrough artist of the year.