Blue November – ‘Runescape’ & ‘Monsoon’ (Albums)

A “breath of fresh air” is making its way from Orlando to speak to open minds and eager listeners. Blue November made sure to end August with a bang, which is why the potent emcee delivered 2 albums, Runescape and Monsoon.


The 1st offering, Runescape, is nothing short of gritty with a remote touch of conscious and sleek poetry. Flourishing with bona fide raps, November fervidly waves his pen over his paper as he travels deep within his experiences and taps his budding skills to assemble an insightful 6-track work of art. The project holds a grimy sound with ominous keys and wistful drums, created by producer lvstlivingsoul. Give it a listen down below.

“Runescape is a high speed chase ending in a grave.” – Blue November

November elevates his craft as he transports us to another world with Monsoon. With transcendental boom bap soundscapes provided by KVMI, the bar connoisseur makes his way to our ears as his enticing wordplay invites us to hit the replay button several times. To grasp the substance beneath the surface, the mind will stretch concepts and the ears will be in tune with the seasoned lines. Exercise your mind while your nodding your head to the good vibrations, down below.

“Monsoon is a naïve confused kid coming to face and accept reality.” -Blue November