Caleb Brown and the Black Cypress Drop Swamp Tales

Caleb Brown and Black Cypress debut their new mixtape Swamp Tales along with two new music videos, “Club Third” and “Swamp Files”….both included in the album! “Club Third” directed by Evan Kidd virtually tells the story of the entire project. The mixtape includes artists like Blaze Jose, BRANDØMBrownRyaN Jéy and a few other rappers as well.  The 14 track album was produced by SwigerOG Muchee, and TyDidThi$Beat.

Check out the video and tracks below!

Swamp Tales Tracklist

1. “FuccOutMySwamp (Skit)”
2. “Swamp” Feat. JIREH, T. Davis, Blaze Jose, BRANDØM and xelA7th
3. “Couple Pots” Feat. Caleb Brown, Quadry, BRANDØM and RyaN Jèy
4. “Club Third Feat. T. Davis, RyaN Jèy, Blaze Jose, DQ Rogers, JIREH, Quadry and Caleb Brown
5. “Park Talk” Feat. RyaN Jèy, xelA7th and BRANDØM
6. “Downbad” Feat. JIREH, Caleb Brown, xelA7th, Blaze Jose and Quadry
7. “Coldest Yet” Feat. JIREH, T.Davis, Quadry and xelA7th
8. “Kayla” Feat. Blaze Jose & T. Davis
9. “The Count” Feat. T. Davis, JIREH, Blaze Jose and DQ Rogers
10. “AintMyRound (Skit)”
11. “Damn” Feat. Caleb Brown, JIREH, T. Davis and BRANDØM
12. “Bitch, I’m High” Feat. Caleb Brown, Blaze Jose, xelA7th, DQ Rogers, BRANDØM, JIREH, T. Davis and RyaN Jèy