DIY Music & Fashion Festival Celebrates 5 Years of IE Culture (Recap)

Build. Together.

Two simple words. Two separate definitions. Yet, when put together, “build together,” an instant force takes over, and the phrase is more than powerful. “Build together” represents prosperity, influence, family. “Build together” is exactly what the DIY Fest represents. From the ground up, the festival, put on by, has shook the music and fashion culture in the Inland Empire. This time around, co-organizers Noa and Lessa J. James, made sure to bring to the table a variety of versatile artists and local clothing companies that perpetually feed the world good energy.

As the Glass House began to fill up with familiar faces, both stages vibrated with sonic pulses. The crowd was drawn by the good music; however, intrigued by the energy that was fueling in heart and lungs of the performers. From Stevie Crooks, Flip Major, P.S. (Noa James & Fredo), Jansport J, and many more, DIY also showcased designs by One Love IE, Barely Broke Intellects, and others. The festival was more than a DOPE experience for words. True passion and dedication was transparent as the moving IE culture touched the hearts of many that night.

See you all next year! Shout out to the good people over at Brick To Ya Face, thank you for the hospitality!

Take a sneak peek at just a bit of what went down on and off stage!

Richard Wright – @richardwright_1
Jansport J – @jansportj
Pistol Mcfly – @pistolmcfly
Kareem Gongora of Barely Broke INTLCTS and son.


HAWDWERK – @bluecollarwerk
Phantom Thrett – @threttNINEZERO
Trizz – @trizz


P.S. (Noa James & Fredo)
Stevie Crooks – @steviecrooks
Yung Miss – @yungmiss
Cam Archer