Drake Had A Plan When He Surprised Miami Schools

Miami Senior High students were floored when Drake paid them a surprise visit earlier today in order to shoot his music video for “God’s Plan,” a track that broke one day streaming records on Apple Music and Spotify.

Whether it was part of “God’s plan” or not, he definitely caused quite a commotion, as he made it a memory for all that were present. Not only was it a blessing to witness his physical appearance, he went above and beyond by donating $25,000 for new school uniforms. Check out one of the reactions via Twitter:

As if that wasn’t a major moment, Drizzy continued his generosity by then visiting the University of Miami, and rewarding a student, later identified as Destiny James, a $50,000 scholarship.

Later, the icing on this humongous cake was Drake putting on quite a performance for a large crowd on the Moss Terrace in the Donna E. Shalala Student Center. I’m going to have to put Disneyland on the back-burner temporarily as the happiest place on earth, since Drake was making dreams come true all around in Miami. Check out the crowd below!

“Jealousy in the air tonight, I can tell”…that would have to be me at the moment.