HAWDWERK vs. Afrika Bambaataa


In recent weeks there have been allegations against the legendary DJ Afrika Bambaataa from men who claim that he is a pediophile and that they were sexually abused by him as children. But KRS ONE, another legend in the game, has been defending his friend Bambaataa, saying that anyone that believes and has a problem with Bambaataa after the allegations, years later, should quit Hip-Hop.

Well that notion didn’t sit too well with rapper Hawdwerk who has recently come out and bravely admitted that he was sexually abused as a child. He even dedicated his track “Trigger Warning” to raise social awareness about sexual violence against children. So in response to both the Bambaataa allegations and KRS ONE’s statement Hawdwerk dropped off “Hawdwerk vs. Afrika Bambaataa.” He shares this message with the video:

“I’m not a battle rapper, because most rappers are just fighting to say I’m the best and there’s only so many ways you can say “I’ma shoot you” before that shit get’s old.  But I do believe in fighting for a good cause, and this cause is worth fighting for.  Especially since no one else in the hip hop world will say anything.”

Watch below.