Is This The End?

The 2015 USC Trojans started the season with hopes of returning to glory and making a splash in the College Football Playoffs however things ended Thursday night with a lost to an un-ranked Washington Huskies team.

After a quick 2-0 start by beating Arkansas State and Idaho by a combined score of 114-15, USC has lost 2 of their last three games. The first lost came to a Stanford team that USC was favored to beat by a wide margin then last night on national TV, USC lost 17-12 at home to the Huskies. The Huskies who were coached by Sarkisian in 2013 came to Los Angeles and pulled off the major upset and now has people wondering if this is it for Sarkisian. I’m not into firing coaches before they can recruit a full class however the Trojans can not continue to lose games they should win. We need USC to be great and it’s not happening right now and so we ask, should Sarkisian be fired?

Should USC Fire Sarkisian?


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