Issa Tour: A Night With 21 Savage

I knew from the minute I showed up to the House of Blues that 21 Savage Tour would just be different. As I’m walking up to the 3rd floor this white guy comes behind me and asks where is the House of Blues. I told him 3rd floor; I’m heading there now. He says cool he will follow me. Immediately after he asks me can I see the cut on his eye that is bright and fresh as if he just got jumped before approaching me. I tell him yes with a confused look on my face; then he proceeds to ask me if I have some weed. Next as I am going through security the guard tells me to be safe. At this point I start questioning should I even be here! I step into the photographers pit and wait for 21 to hit the stage; and 40 mins after he is supposed to start the crowd begins reigning boos! Now I start to believe this dude’s show is a joke! Finally after 45 minutes, Savage hits the stage and it’s as if the crowd forgot he was even late. They quickly turn into full savage mode and hands are up everywhere! The sold out crowd rocked with him word for word and got exactly what they waited for! Later he explains to everyone how his tour bus broke down and they barely made it. The turn up was definitely real and “Issa” show worth seeing! Check out for tour dates and tickets! –@Devmatic–