King Los Releases G.O.A.T Tape

King Los just dropped his latest mixtape, G.O.A.T Tape!

The rapper put a new twist to “Rockstar”, “Crew”, “Bank Account” and many other hot singles by free styling to his own lyrics. In addition, the artist even pays tribute to “Mo Money Mo Problems”  that goes back to the 90’s.

Stream the tracklist below!

King Los’ G.O.A.T. Tape tracklist

1. “Sing About Me (Intro)”
2. “Rockstar Freestyle”
3. “Lemon” Feat. Lola Monroe
4. “New Freezer”
5. “Bank Account Freestyle”
6. “Gucci Gang”
7. “I Shot Ya”
8. “Crew Remix”
9. “Netflix and Chill Freestyle”
10. “Mo Money Mo Problems Freestyle”
11. “Dreams and Nightmares Freestyle”
12. “Drowning Freestyle”
13. “Untouchable (Outro)