Lightshow Drops Kalorama Heights Album

Lightshow just released his new project Kalorama Heights, the album includes 14 tracks. The Washington D.C. rapper features singles “No info” featuring. YFN Lucci and “Shoot for the Stars” featuring Big Shaad. Fans can hear the rapper spit harmonic beats throughout the album along with catchy lyrics. Check out the track list below!

Kalorama Heights Tracklist

1. “Shoot for the Stars”
2. “1,000 Ways”
3. “Burberry Umbrellas”
4. “No Info” Feat. YFN Lucci
5. “Weight On My Shoulders”
6. “Smoke Clouds”
7. “Pull Up Lit”
8. “Pay Attention”
9. “Money, Power & Respect”
10. “Stuck in My Ways” Feat. Big Shaad
11. “The Night Shift Theory”
12. “Ice Cold”
13. “When I Fell”
14. “On the Dresser”

Check out it out below!