Murs & Propaganda Take “Powerful” Stance

Murs has been in the Hip Hop game for quite some time now, and it’s not out of his character to rap about what’s important to him. For example, just by looking at his history in the industry, he’s been an advocate for gay rights, which became prominent in the video for his song “Animal Style.”

Recently, he recruited Propaganda for a new track called “Powerful” and the title alone is proof of his agenda. Given the fact that he’s been rapping for years, he took the opportunity to address rappers that are steering away from what spitting bars are all about.

Peep the following lyrics: “Rappers act like rappers but they still singing, autotune and making music with no meaning”. Check out “Powerful” below!

Although considered a mini video, Murs also dropped an almost-two-minute visual for the song. Short and simple, the video is in black and white, emphasizing the track’s meaning by keeping the theatrical elements to a minimum.