On October 13th, Lamar Odom was found unconscious and rushed to a nearby hospital. Reports have come out that Odom was found to have had multiple drugs in his system after spending time at a local Nevada brothel. Watching the news and reading multiple media reports you may not have known he was a basketball player due to most sites referring to him as “Reality star and husband of Khloe Kardashian” as oppose to NBA player Lamar Odom. However I will tell you about the NBA star Lamar Odom.

Lamar Odom was drafted 4th overall in 1999 by the Los Angeles Clippers following his freshman year at the University Rhode Island. During his first season with the Clippers Odom went to average 16 points, 7 rebounds along with 4 assist and was eventually named to the 2000 All NBA Rookie Team. Odom stayed with the Clippers from 1999-2003, when he then joined the Miami Heat during free agency. Odom was paired with an incoming rookie by the name of Dwayne Wade and was able to finally make the NBA playoffs but ended up losing in the playoffs to the Indiana Pacers. Following the end of the 2003-2004 season Odom was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in a blockbuster deal that sent Odom, Caron Butler and Brain Grant to Los Angeles for Shaquille O’Neal. Odom appeared to have found a home with the Lakers as he stayed with them seven years. Odom went ahead to win the NBA 6th man of the year in 2011 but more importantly won the NBA Championship as a member of the Lakers in 2009 and 2010. During his time with the Lakers Odom averaged 13 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assist a game. Odom was traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011-2012 season and was eventually released by the Mavericks as Odom play declined. The trade from the Lakers to the Mavericks blindsided Odom but it was publicized even more because he was on married to Khloe Kardashian and the two shared a reality TV show named “Khloe and Lamar” that was cancelled after two seasons.

Odom was never able to reach his full potential for one reason or another but instead on focusing on the negative about Odom we just wanted to give you an insight to the NBA player Lamar Odom and not the “Reality Star.” Our prayers are with Lamar Odom and his family and hope for the best.

Below is a clip from Scott Van Pelt of ESPN telling you about the media coverage of Lamar Odom.