Supa Good D Smoke Is A “Fighter”

A cross between a short film and a music video

Supa Good D Smoke connects with Jackie Gouche, Davion Farris and director Erica Eng to create a much needed heartfelt video that takes place right in the heart of South Central. Too often the black alpha male is surrounded by commotion and misunderstood. In the video D Smoke humanizes the black alpha male by providing lyrically insightful narration so that others may understand. The video opens with a brawl that’s about to take place when tensions erupt between Fat Ron and Glendon Chatman (Love and Basketball).

But before things escalate, D Smoke steps in attempting to arrange a “fair” fight, but gets sucker punched instead. As the brawl pops off, the crowd stands by cheering and recording, while D Smoke lyrically reflects on friends he’s lost to similar hood battles that were all too common growing up in Inglewood. Despite his consciousness and experience with hood squabbles, he is still unable to prevent the inevitable.

This track’s lyrics are ever truthful and therapeutic, creating a sense of homage and respect to those who stand up against opposition and fight for what they believe in. Watch below.