Vince Scxtt Acknowledges ‘Voices’ In Latest Project

Los Angeles-based Vince Scxtt asks for all ears in his latest 9-track release, Voices. Assimilating his own potential, the local writes outside the lines of his obstacles and tackles some eager soundscapes, all while gripping onto his ardent deliverance. Checking in with producers Bijan Amir, Derrick Ingram, Mike $antana, and Mike Hector, Scxtt renders a triumphant stride while not being afraid to be vulnerable. Balancing future Ws on his side, life’s trials and tribulations, and self-sufficiency, the Fontana-bred rhymer isn’t afraid to channel the teetering emotions that one feels on their journey to the peaks of success. More so, Scxtt learns to fully trust his intuition, no matter how many voices try to impede into his energy space.

Get into Voices down below.