Watson The OO – ‘GRVITYPOOLS’ (Mixtape)


818 reppin’ and never anything else. From desire to lust, love, and loss, Watson The OO deals with it all and takes us along for the ride.

Broken down into 3 chapters, cupid finds his way to Watson and aims straight at his heart; although enjoying the beginning of the experience, he finds himself engulfed and attached to his lover’s hip. As such things unravel, the prominent emcee details his fallout and heartbreak, while also finding his strength to get up. The 16-track EP, includes 4 Bonus tracks and is drenched in a busy, dense synth-driven sound. Although settling for profound substance, the project gives us time to breath with tracks like “Spaceship Travel” and “RIP (rest in Pohsted),” more soothing, little upbeat reminders that we can bear all, pick ourselves up, and continue on with forward motion. We’ve all been there. Take a listen for yourself below.


Falling in love


Losing time and losing mind


Gaining happiness