The 2015 NFL season is entering the final stretch with all of the teams having 4 more games to go. With 4 games left, the MVP talk is starting to heat up and there are two quarterbacks leading the charge, the Patriots Tom Brady along with the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton. Newton has his Carolina Panthers undefeated with a perfect 12-0 record where Tom Brady sits at 10-2. Normally a undefeated quarterback would be an easy choice for MVP but Cam is not getting that treatment. Let’s look at the stats of the two quarterbacks.

Tom Brady again has his team 10-2, 3rd in the AFC but has recently lost a couple of weapons. Brady has 31 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, 3,912 passing yards all while completing 63% of his passes. In recent weeks Brady lost his primary wide receiver Julian Edelman and most recently his stand out tight end Rob Gronkowski. With four games left you expect Brady to be close to another 5,000 yard season and maybe 40 touchdown passes to boost his case for MVP.

The case for Cam Newton is a little more complex. Cam Newton, as mentioned has his team with a perfect 12-0 record while sitting in the #1 spot in the NFC. On the season Newton has thrown for 2,797 yards, 25 TD passes 10 interceptions while completing 58% of his passes. The reason we called Newton case complex is because he’s not your typical pocket QB. You must account for Newton rushing yards and ability to score from the ground. On the season Newton has rushed for 476 yards with 7 rushing touchdowns. It’s Newton rushing stats that keeps him in the MVP race. Just like Brady, Newton is also missing a weapon as his #1 wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin went down in preseason with a torn ACL.

The stats are there to support both quarterbacks and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think. Who should be the league MVP, Newton or Brady?