D.U.B.B. Celebrates Black History Month With ‘Soul Of A Panther’ (Mixtape)

“Knowledge equals power.” An instrument of a potent and much-needed vision, South Central mainstay D.U.B.B. digs deep into his roots to pay homage to those who left behind a predominant allotment of Black History with Soul Of A Panther. A progressive fighter for justice, faith, and evolvement, the Perfect Timing wordsmith channels the great leaders of Black History as he schools us on the mission, struggles, and achievements of the move[meant]. Even more, fast forward to today, D.U.B.B. reflects on the continuous street war(s), societal prison, and belligerence of resilient souls who only seek justice beyond mental freedom.

Essentially, the 10-track mixtape represents the voice of resting soldiers and today’s warriors. The project features Jake&Papa, Abryanna Curtiss, production by Remixx, Dee C, and more. Stream down below.