Dave Allen Presents: Naranja in 7 Songs Of Alchemy (1-3) (prod. 4th Beats)

Who is Naranja?

It’s that Locally Grown Collective sound in your ears. The Orange County group not only hold each other down, but hold the world down with the seeds they continuously plant with every song dropped.

After giving us Shine Bright, singer/songwriter Dave Allen brings new light through the door with Naranja in “7 Songs Of Alchemy.” In its first installment, we find 3 tracks in 1, all produced by soul-master, 4th Beats. The drip drop of water: serenity, renewal. Finding peace in every glisten, every key, and every drum kick, 4th holds it down on the boards, as his sonic backdrops provide the proper score for Allen’s potent and insightful track(s). Coming to realize that he is an instrument, a vessel, the prosperous emcee shares the every good embedded within his energy. Speaking on his hiiigher offerings, love, compassion, and truth, the Loc Grown rep stays grounded, while spreading his wings and sending his alluring vocals to the sky.

Get into it, down below.

Naranja in Spanish is the color orange which represents OC but also the sacral chakra, which represents experiencing and accepting new things. “We are out here getting it all backwards people say mind, body and soul and when it is suppose to be soul, mind and body.” This is songs 1-3 of the 7 Songs of Alchemy. Alchemy is turning metal into its purest form and Dave Allen is taking that process into the personal transformation of his own purest self.

davea naranj