Free P – ‘Déjà Vu’ (Instrumental Tape)

Reflection. A distant dream, yet so close. Not by miles, but by connection. Distance doesn’t mean a thing when your soul re-connects with something once seen or lived. 

Déjà Vu, known as an illusion. A stumble upon a previous experience or encounter. But it’s no illusion, this is serendipity. Destiny. After giving us Outside Looking Out and Inside Looking Out, producer Free P wraps up with the 3rd beat tape installment, Déjà Vu. An invitation to feel, to delve into, to not get lost in, but to unravel the truth within oneself. 

Revisiting feelings once touched, the journey begins with “Fly Bird.” As the spirit untangles the knots assembled by questions and doubt, realization strikes and wings begin to appear with every prevalent drum kick and abyssal bass drop. However, a sudden tango with the truth and illusion of fear commences as the piano keys dance around in a number drenched in temptation with “Ballroom Hippie.” A short and sweet harmony lures the mind for a perilous dip in “Dancing The Trip.” As the mind finds its way to the center of the stage, the fight to be enlightened and free heightens with an eerie and almost cinematic “Terse.” A rupture transcends the mind as it shifts and wakes up. No longer afraid of itself, no longer afraid of the next thought or challenge, a ride to higher thinking sets sail to the rhythm of mystifying synths in “Cordial” and “Fool’s Paradise.” In a prominent state of mind, “Fadeaway” paves the way for “No Waste,” a chilled tone with an eclectic yet subtle aura. 

Awake and aware, for no longer a dream, but a realization of our full potential, a wave of challenges that make our minds come to terms with the willpower to free ourselves. Once again, channeling energy with sound, Free P delivers a more than solid body of work.