Get To Know YG In A One On One Therapy Session

“I give myself permission to be happy” – YG

YG is fresh from the release of Still Brazy which instantly became a summer favorite and is already being called a classic. But even with all of the success around him, YG is still battling inner demons. Last summer he survived being shot three times in his Los Angeles studio followed by a horrible car accident while trying to rush him to the hospital. So before the release of Still Brazy YG reached out for help to deal with his issues. He teamed with Viceland’s Noisey for a sit down with psychologist Siri Sat Nam Singh for Noisey Presents: YG And The Therapist.

On screen YG opens up about the night he was shot, the effects that follow and his family. He also revealed to Dr. Singh that: he’s stressed by success and turns to alcohol to help cope, distrusts people and has a deep sense of paranoia due to being shot and not knowing who the shooter is. We hope these therapy sessions can help YG. It’s a brave thing admitting you need help. Aside from music, this is the chance for everyone to get to know YG a bit better. Watch his therapy session below.