Hardaway Smith – ‘Street Gentleman’ (Project)

“Did u hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete

Proving nature’s laws wrong it learned 2 walk

without having feet

Funny it seems but by keeping its dreams

it learned 2 breathe fresh air

Long live the rose that grew from concrete

when no one else even cared”


More than a project, this is the story of a young visionary who bloomed. While embracing his thorns, Hardaway Smith stands firm as he displays his lyrical capabilities and affinity for pouring soul into his craft. The Los Angeles rep shares his perspective on finding balance between growing up in the turbulent streets and being the gentleman his mother raised him to be. A true don in his own way, the passionate go-getter bounces back and forth over invariable soundscapes, often with a glistening and smooth tone, assembled by Chuck Wun, Koda, Dijon Samo, and many more. The 15-track effort is sure enough a substantial body of work that is sure to catapult Smith’s promising course.

Longevity is the goal, make way for the Street Gentleman. Get into it down below.