JaVonté – “Helium Balloon” (Video)

“Inflated dreams, I could make them true / Don’t know why you treat me like you do.”

After a running hiatus, Los Angeles crooner JaVonté makes an entrance with a video for his compelling “Helium Balloon.” The track resides in his 2014 Where Have You Been album. As a songwriter, the earnest creativity behind lyrics is more intricate than it appears to us the listeners. JaVonté utilizes his keen skill to illustrate metaphors and personify his wordplay, comparing himself to a helium balloon. The simplistic touch to the visuals add to the beauty behind the essence of the song’s message, with his lyrics at the forefront of the scenery. After fueling emotions and being open about his intentions, the soulful artist finds his way out of the situation and ops for a piece of mind while cruising in his ride to the soundtrack of his “Free To Roam” melody.

Watch down below.