Logic’s “Everybody’s Tour” Hits Houston!

Revention Center Houston, Tx

Logic has taken Hip Hop by storm over the last couple years. His album Everybody has been ranked among the best of the year and he has made a mark on a lot of people with his positive messages. The last time I shot Logic he was on tour with G-Eazy. This time around it was his tour, and the place was PACKED! If you have ever listened to his music you would know the lyrics were on point and of course a packed house knows every song word for word. What really shined was his energy, showmanship, and compassion for his fans! In the middle of his second song, he noticed a couple of his fans were passing out. If you have ever been to a big packed venue, you know this is a common thing. But Logic did something I’m yet to see; he stopped his show, asked that everyone be quiet and make room, let everyone know that each person is important and that this needed to be taken care of. Most rappers go on about their business and let security handle it, yet Logic showed that he doesn’t just speak of people’s importance, he means It! Another thing I liked about him was that while most rappers get on stage making fashion statements, he was dressed in his merchandise. That is a HUGE lesson for artists because you want your fans to buy YOUR merchandise because of you. You are a brand, and what good is a brand that doesn’t promote itself to the fullest? Check out www.livenation.com for more tour dates for the Everybody’s Tour. –Devmatic