Lyric Jones “Got Bills” To Pay & A Lot To Prove

Lyric Jones has been grinding for a while now trying to be a well established artist within the game.

From spitting raw lyrics such as “Pulling disappearing acts tryna phase me. No Sanaa Lathan, but yeah, I’m out here chasing Franklins.” To playing drums at several gigs and festivals , the Boston native is not letting up on her hustle whether it be emceeing, singing, producing, or playing instruments.

Now she is back with some food for thought as she ponders between working a 9 to 5 the rest of her life and making a decent salary, or committing to her dreams of rocking the stage and making music for a living.

Jones contemplates what many of us think about on a daily basis Passion vs Paycheck in her new song “Got Bills.”

-Frankie Castañon