OverDoz. Reminisces On “When Everybody Loved Everybody” in 2008

“Gettin’ loaded like it’s 2008″

LA collective OverDoz. stopped by HGR last night to speak on their recently released debut album 2008, and their collective journey. In addition to their album, OverDoz. released a mini documentary, ‘When Everybody Loved Everybody.’ The docu gives fans a rundown on how the talented group connected & began their ongoing journey to making timeless music. Watch below and listen to their Home Grown interview.

In 2008, through a series of random events, four teenagers from the inner-cities of Los Angeles stumbled back into each others lives. They later went on to become one of the most unique and dynamic rap groups of all time. This is only a small fraction of their story.

Found footage provided by Brett Bailey. Edited by CALMATIC.

Don’t OverDoz. Pun intended.