Snoop Dogg Links With Kokane For “Doggytails”

Snoop Dogg is the definition of OG-old-school-legendary rapping – whether he’s jumping on a track or creating his own music, he’s a recognizable MC.

Even though he’s adding a Gospel album to his resume called Bible of Love set to be released in March, he’s sticking to his original sound with an EP called 2020; true to the title of the project, it’s set to drop on February 20.

Mr. D-O-double-G has already allowed listeners to be partakers of the tracks on 220, one being “Everything” featuring Jacquees and Dreezy. Now, let’s lend an ear to another one called “Doggytails” featuring Kokane! It’s funky, it’s gangsta, it’s all-around SNOOP. On top of that, he knows that you know what he’s all about…”I’m so true to this shit, never new to this shit.”

Listen to “Doggytails” below!