We have all awaken early Saturday or Sunday morning with joy knowing your sports team is playing that day. However the morning when your sports team play it is typically different than all other days. Why is that? Because if you’re like me, you may have a sports superstition that is strange or unusual.

I am an avid Michigan Wolverine and Buffalo Bills fan and I have some superstitions that may be to the extreme. On Saturday mornings I wake up and do the norm, shower and brush my teeth. However that’s when things change as on the day of the game I can not wear the color of the team my team is playing. Another would be, if I do not catch my team playing live, I can not then come in and start watching the game as I feel that I may alter the game somehow. On Sunday’s when the Bills are on TV, I must wear the color of the jersey we wear for that week. There are all kind of different fan and player superstitions. Les Miles; the coach of the LSU Tigers, eats the grass on the football field the day his team plays. Others would be wearing your lucky boxers on game day, not talking to a pitcher during a potential no-hitter and the famous playoff beards. The playoff beards are when the team decides not to cut facial hair in a sign of unity and good luck for the playoffs.

There are thousands of superstitions and we want to know, what is your superstition when your team plays? Share your superstitions by leaving a comment below and you’ll be entered to win a pair of free movie tickets.