STEEZA Stays Elevated In “MYHWH (My Way)”

STEEZA is no new face to dedication and honing his message(s) through words. After giving listeners some “Dopamine,” at the top of the year, the Baltimore native resurfaces with “MYHWH (My Way).” Over a miniscule yet enticing sonic backdrop, the rhymer speaks up while channeling his inner-God as he expands on higher-understanding, becoming a man, and his journey to continuously exude his projected purpose(s).

STEEZA shared:

The original name of God in the Old Testament was Yahweh, but back then it was written as a word that couldn’t be physically uttered by the human tongue. So “MYHWH” is really just me putting an M at the beginning of the word. I always see the quote, “Mans plans, God laughs,” but I really feel like God is within me on this one. Just with everything I’m doing artistically. Maybe I’m channeling the God within myself or an actual higher power; all I know is it feels right.

Press play below.