The Mind Radiates Hope With “Mercury Rising” Visuals

Philadelphia-born crooner The Mind is notably known for his work with Chicago neighbor Mick Jenkins; however, the brewing artist is now ready to spread his own wings and unveil his long-awaited project, slated to arrive this year.

After winning listeners over with his live vocals and “White Iverson” cover at many of Jenkins’ shows last year, he released the official track with an aura never felt before. This is the infectious aura that The Mind brings to his craft, with electric waves felt throughout his harmonies, and emotion vibrating within his lyric deliverance, it is evident he’s furthering a sound that is almost fantasy-like but doesn’t fail to stay grounded.

In a vivacious attempt to diffuse inspiration in people, his first project offering, “Mercury Rising,” is one that hits home for almost if not all of us, the tale of dreamers. Resilient dreamers manifesting their vision, coming to terms with their potential and changing their fate for the better. The track, which features Donnie Trumpet, Sylvie Grace and production by ThemPeople, provides the forefront, but the visuals bring forth a polished definition. Teaming with director KidSuper, the video features meticulous claymation and personifies the message embedded within the melody. Press play down below.

The Mind shared via FADER:

The little girl in the video represents all of my sisters and the little boy represents me. We came from the impossible. Regardless of how high the odds are stacked against us in life, we can build makeshift spaceships to escape our circumstances. We build our spaceships with our hopes and dreams. Just like the spaceship in the video, sometimes in life things fall apart. In these moments its our human relationships that will save us. When things come crashing down we have to remember: we are magic, and together, we can fly.