Trinidad James Ft. Coop– “UnCle JAME$”


While we were all out celebrating the three-day weekend with friends and family stuffing our faces and waiting for fireworks, Trinidad James decided to stay on the grind a release a track commemorating his independence on the “great” holiday.

James shared this message with “UnCle Jame$” on his SoundCloud page:

America. America has taught me a lot in my 28 years. One of those things is the real meaning of “Freedom of Speech”. Freedom of Speech is very subjective. Freedom of Speech from what I’ve learned is more based on how you choose to use your voice. We all have a voice but what you choose to say and when you choose to say it is way more important. Prime example is the things that Jesse Williams said at the BET Awards weren’t the first time you ever heard them. It was just the first time you as americans decided to listen. CHOICE. Freedom of SPEECh is basically your opportunity of CHOICE. Choose Wisely MY YOUTH. BE Happy. HAVE A GREAT 4th of JULY.”

Sidenote: Trinidad is still riding the wave of his current single “Just A Lil Thick” with Mystikal and XXL Freshamn Lil Dicky. If you haven’t heard it yet or seen the video, then no worries just press play below.