Versis – ‘copæsthetic’ (Album)

Recognizing the light within you can take some time and requires an incessant effort. For Versis, this was one of the most vital stepping stones of his purpose-driven journey. After a running hiatus, the Inglewood artist returns with his long-awaited copæsthetic album. Coming in at 9 tracks, the keen rhymer fully opens the door to his inmost experiences and constant rumination of profound thoughts.

From start to finish, the absorbing sound, assembled by the man of the hour himself, 4real, and T. Hemingway, upholds a prominent and signifying backdrop for Versis to elicit his lyrics. With additional features by Zeroh, Kid A, and Nonchalant Savant, a clear set of pen skills, and an enthralling cadence, the young innovator expands on love, light, encompassing the all, and being present.

However, there is more beneath the surface. Speaking from a place of higher thinking, Versis utilizes his talent to let us in on a little secret, we aren’t alone. We follow his journey as he weaves through the toughest of lessons. Lessons that now, he recognizes were all a part of the plan; meant to be. That struggle you’re GROWing through? He’s GROWing through it too. That love you wish you would’ve shown? He’s been there too. More so, the empathetic approach to this project is what makes it that more special. A piece of Versis is what we receive when we put those headphones on and press play. Even more, we see a piece of us.

Get into copæsthetic below, watch the accompanying visual experience captured by Dana Washington, and support by purchasing here.