You Can Have The Juice…I Just Want POWER

They say this is a big, rich town; I just come from the poorest part
They say this is a big, rich town; I just come from the poorest part

Yes! Yes! Yes! (sorry Daniel Bryan)  Starz Original Series POWER is back  and did not disappoint. After the jaw dropping conclusion of Season 2’s finale I can’t imagine the violence and deceit that lie ahead for each character. The anticipation of their fates is as euphoric as a Game Of Thrones ending (super geek, remember?)

 If You’re Not Up On Game…

POWER is an hour long TV series that follows the fictional life of a New York drug czar  created by Courtney Kemp Agboh, writer and producer of The Good Wife and The Bernie Mac Show; also includes backing  by 50 cent,  who serves as both, executive producer and actor.

Set in New York City, the show follows Omari Hardwick’s character  James  “Ghost” St. Patrick, New York drug kingpin searching to become a  primetime nightclub owner in New York’s luxurious party scene and once and for all, leaving behind his criminal lifestyle.

The problem?

His tight-knit circle, Ghost’s wife, Tasha, and day one friend, Tommy  don’t want him to end his successful drug reign. Once more, Ghost’s has a growing love interest with his former high school sweetheart who just so happens to be a federal agent. Add a vengeful 50 cent in the mix and BOOMIES you have a dramatic summer smash. First 2 seasons are definitely binge worthy

POWER packs all the suspense of your mama’s soap opera with a sense of danger similar to robbing Al Capone.

Now that that’s over….

Re-watching previous episodes of Power wasn’t enough I really dove into the heart of bringing crime drama’s here are just a few crime drama’s known to bring the heat. The Wire and The Soprano’s wont be on this list because that’s like adding 2pac and Biggie to every best rapper list— We get it already.

5 Crime Drama’s You Should Binge…



Yea I said it. Gargoyles. Nocturnal winged beast fighting crime while unleashing a realm of magic on Manhattan. Their arrival; orchestrated by a multi billionaire, who dabbles in ancient sorcery (because being a billionaire is boring unless you’re a sorcerer— or batman —or Iron Man)

What more does an animated crime caper need? Oh, a kick ass intro and a tough as nails women detective. Gargoyles definitely offered an original spin to the genre of Crime dramas.



If you need proof Idris Alba would make an awesome James Bond than anything he’s in serves as a great example but if you still need proof watch Luther. Alba plays Luther, a brilliant homicide detective who’s battle with England’s maniacs has left his psyche shattered and his actions unpredictable. If catching serial killers under mental duress isn’t enough try having a serial killer romantically stalking your every move— Dare you to curve her



You know how Olivia Pope scurries around Washington fixing the problems of politicians and capitol hill elitist, take that same energy to the celebrities of Hollywood Hills. Instead of a savvy lawyer that slays in heels, you get a ball busting Irish man who’s a one man wrecking crew, enter Ray Donovan.

The Showtime series follows one of Hollywood’s top fixers, and his crew of private investigators, as they blackmail, frame, extort everyone from A list actors to feared Hip Hop producers, Ray Donovan never falls short of drama or intrigue. Especially if the father you framed for murder comes back into your life to steal the most precious treasure in your life— your family.



If you want to talk about corruption you haven’t seen nothing yet. Based on LA’s Rampart scandal The Shield takes you on an adrenaline ride of corruption, evidence tampering, and murder spearheaded by the feared juggernaut Vic Mackey and his street unit Strike Team.

If you’re a fan of Sons Of Anarchy you’re going to love The Shield since the creator of both shows is Kurt Sutter so you can bet there’s grit and violence involved.

Side Note: If I had the law on my side I’d go to the Jordan store and say I need a pair of  Space Jam’s for official police business



Another unconventional choice for crime drama on this list and is actually another professional field altogether, Dr Gregory House solved medical mysteries with his pill popping cognitive thinking and medical expertise.

At times he seems nothing short of a washed up addict with a bad limp but no matter his druggie ways House always managed to diagnosis an antidote to some of the most foreign diseases seen

Back To The Topic

This season of Power is sure to bring suspense with its own “What The F — — — Moments” as Ghost finds out the price of getting everything he wanted. POWER has all the melodrama of Empire but with actual gangster (actors) doing actual gangster stuff. I still love Empire though I’m a sucker for musicals; blame Disney. Power Sundays 8PM PST only on STARZ channel. Ghost esta muerto