AD Teases New Music

It’s almost time for #ADseason as the Compton MC is prepping to drop new music very soon.

The “Crips Lives Matter” rapper just teased a new song on Instagram of him in the studio spitting west coast certified bars that go a little something like:

“We the ones that’s really in the streets. A little birdie told me you be with police. Your paperwork ain’t no good seen yo receipts, but we gone keep that on the low kapeesh”

AD has recently been posting short clips of himself rapping over a beat made with nothing but a pen. The clips are inspired by a time when Suga Free did the same thing with a pen and coin as he conducted a funky composition loosely entitled, “Do It Like I’m Used To It.”

AD is a West Coast act you should definitely look out for as he has yet to be signed but has already started receiving praise from legends such as Snoop Dogg and The Game & even got his song played on  “The Biggest Fight in Combat Sports History” as Mayweather and McGregor duked it out in the ring.

He also told fans that he might be releasing two more projects before the year is over. For more to come on new music from AD stay tuned here.