Curtiss King – ‘Raging Waters’ (Album)

Water. One of the most important elements to date. A flowing element, a symbol of healing and cleansing. Like the phoenix, renewal fills the cracks with every new step.

One of Inland Empire’s prominent creative gems, Curtiss King rises with his anticipated sophomore album, Raging Waters. Leaving behind turmoil, King returns to shed light on the peace found within the innermost of his demons. Encompassed into 14 tracks, progress is more than transparent as we find hidden gems behind every pen line and simmering croon. With texturized soundscapes by King himself, Oh Gosh Leotus, THX, I-75 Beats, and more, there’s no escaping the fact that the visionary grips onto his penchant for delivering intricate and absorbing works of art. Transmitting a piece of himself on every track, King wholeheartedly redefines “vessel,” as it is more than evident on the surface of the unbarred masterpiece.

King shared:

In 2009 I spoke in many interviews about creating an album titled “Raging Waters” that would signify a rebirth for me as an artist. Almost 6 years, 5 albums, and a handful of tours later the title transformed into more than just a new direction for me as a artist. Raging Waters represents my growth as a human being. A rebirth. Water is a very unpredictable element, and life has been no different. Water is also symbolic of fresh starts. The music that I created was meant to calm the Raging Waters inside of me rebelling against that fresh start. This album is what is something I consider music for the soul, & medicine for the people.

Download the album here, and support the movement by purchasing on iTunes here. Stream and enjoy, below.