HGR Live With KR + Universe The King & The Collective + Kutt Calhoun

Today we commenced the show with the 20 year old artist KR who is known best for his I$0lyf3 mixtapes. The young creative gives us insight on how he’s misunderstood and who influences his music. Shows the fans he’s still lyrical with a dope freestyle.

Universe the King pulled up with his camp “The Collective,” “Group of dope individuals doing dope shit.” Breaks down the meaning of his name and premieres exclusive single on air, “Fuck That Shit Up”. Plans to tour before 2015 concludes.

Kansas City’s very own, Kutt Calhoun speaks on leaving Strange Music and the transition to starting his own label (Black Gold Entertainment). Goes in depth about the business side of the industry. Kutt is devoted to his wife but still progressive in the studio. Cut Loose EP drops July 10th.

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