Joyner Lucas Says It’s Time To “Kill The Panda”

“Tired of hearing niggas on the same beat”

“Y’all done got me mad / I’m gonna put the Panda in a body bag”

“I done killed the Panda, where Designer at? / But this is not a diss, don’t call it that”

Massachusetts emcee, Joyner Lucas, is completely fed up with the overkill of ”Panda” remixes and attempts to end the panda era with his own “Panda” remix. Many rappers including Meek Mill, Lil Kim, Lupe Fiasco, Dave East and more have covered the hyped up anthem. It’s become extremely common for rappers to hop on tracks and remix songs that are hot at the time. But Joyner says enough is enough, at least in the case of panda. Did Joyner officially “Kill The Panda?” Listen and comment below.