Salma Slims Let’s Us Read Her Diary

It’s time to give the women of Hip-Hop some shine!

Private Club Records are on their way up. By now, we’re all familiar with Madeintyo’s super catchy hits “Uber Everywhere” and “I Want (Skr Skr).” But now, it’s time to shine light on the first lady of Private Club Records, Salma Slims. Salma dropped her debut mixtape, The Diary of Salma Slims, earlier this month and it continues to gain quite the buzz. The Atlanta songstress’ project tells her journey of trials and tribulations and how her passion of music helped her make it through. Salma told The Fader magazine that her project is dedicated to her current and future fans who want to get to know her on a personal level. Her 10- track diary includes appearances and production from her Private Club fam (minus Madeintyo) and a few others.

Salma also shared with The Fader how driven she was to record her project.

‘Around this time last year, I was broke saving every dollar. I was working two jobs—T.J. Maxx and Dunkin’ Donuts—to make money to record this project. I was also finishing college at the same time. Sometimes I would come home from work around 4 a.m. and Malcolm, a.k.a. Madeintyo, would be like, “Damn, Slims, you the only one I know that works two jobs, go to school, and still come home and write music.” Sometimes it’s easy to give up on a dream especially when no one wants to let you in the door.’

Listen to Salma’s very hot and very personal project and then get to know the Private Club Records squad in HotNewHipHop’s episode of Crew Love below. Enjoy.